Know Your Power!

Events For Change is all about reminding you of the power of an event to create positive change, and to provide ideas and encouragement for leveraging that power through the decisions you make whenever you are involved with planning an event.

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Here’s the basic concept: whether it’s six employees meeting around a boardroom table or millions of viewers watching the Superbowl, all events have one thing in common: they bring people together.  And people are resources: they each bring their own ideas, energy, money, muscles, expertise and connections to others. They also offer you the opportunity to change the way they think about something or to inspire them to some sort of action. Every planning decision you make can have an impact: the site you select, the experience you design for the participants, who you select as vendors and service providers, the way you treat your staff or volunteers, how you distribute the revenues…all of these (and much more) provide opportunities to produce a positive effect on others and the world at large.  If you don’t consider yourself an event planner, but you advocate for a cause or non-profit organization, then events can serve as an effective tool for accomplishing many of your goals. Events give you the capability to channel resources and influence how people think and behave.  And that’s power!

Whenever you gather folks together for an event, you are assembling a formidable set of assets.   If you don’t take full advantage of that, it’s just like leaving food on your plate: only in this case, instead of tossing away good food, it’s a waste of human and financial capital.  I believe we often miss opportunities to increase the overall return on our investments of time, energy and financial resources, simply because we don’t always think through all of the ways we can make better use of the resources we are already pulling together.  

Events For Change intends to act as a source of creative ideas and a space to share original stories  and suggestions about how those resources can be applied for maximum impact and, wherever possible, to make the world a little better place after the event than before. 

We have the power!  Let’s share it and watch it grow.

Peter Straube

Peter Straube


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